Graeme Shurey (Boog)

I have a long history in butchery, starting with an apprenticeship in Attleborough that lead to a career in various local butchers and an abattoir. I worked my way up to be a manager of a team of 15 at a butchers in Banham, Norfolk.

I started working at Laurels Farm Butchers in December 2016, taking over from Jerry Brown. I found myself in the deep end with Christmas looming and orders to sort, but in true Boog style, I rolled up my sleeves and got on with it. In May 2017, work was getting busy and I brought in my son George, a qualified butcher.

In September 2017, we officially took over the shop. It was a big risk in these tough times, but business has gone from strength to strength. We have exciting new ideas and are expanding our range products in the coming year.

George Shurey

I’ve been butchering since I was 18. I started my butchering career at Morrison’s, but left when an apprenticeship scheme came up at a local butchers. I worked there for 2 years and got my qualifications for meat and poultry industrial skills, plus my Level 2 Health and Safety qualification.
Music and football are my two main hobbies. I love live music and am a big Spurs fan.


Helen Dade

Our lovely Helen has been a cook for over 40 years, starting at Hartismere High School and then working at Laurels Farm Butchers for the past nine years. When we took the business, over Helen was very happy to continue working with us. She is a huge asset.

Evan Keer

Evan came to us as a work experience lad, and impressed us so much we asked him to come and help at Christmas, our busiest time! He once again impressed us so we then asked him to be our Saturday boy. Evan started his apprenticeship with us in August 2019 for an 18 month apprenticeship. Evan has now been with us for over 2 years and is on the verge of becoming a fully qualified butcher – but with Covid’s help it’s been pushed back!
Evans main hobbies include rock climbing with friends, parkour (which he says he isn’t very good at) and watching horror films.