Screenshot_20210315_114749Learn how to make your own sausages at our new Sausage School. Make 5lb of handmade sausages to take home, learn about the sausage making process and have lots of fun while you are at it. Only £25 per person, £40 per couple.

Please contact us to book your place at our Sausage School.

Sausage Shop

We can (try) make any flavour you require!

We try and have 2 different flavours a week, such as:

Pork and Stilton

Pork and Black Pudding

Pork and Apple

Cracked Black Pepper

Spiced Mango, Lime and Coconut

Inferno Pork

Smokey Bourbon

Smokey Maple and Chilli

Spicy Beef and Lamb Merguez

Pork and Chorizo 

Beef and Guinness

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