Here at Shurey & Sons we pride ourselves on the best quality local meat

We pride ourselves on best local quality meats. All our meat is sourced from farms within East Anglia, we use four suppliers to ensure that we get the best quality products we can, HG Blakes (Norwich, Norfolk), Weddel Swift (Norwich, Norfolk), Bramfield Meats (Bramfield, Suffolk), Diaper Poultry (Stowmarket, Suffolk). These are all stockists of Assured Quality Standard of Meat.



Our beef has the perfect amount of fat marbling to ensure the best flavour and texture. It will melt in your mouth every time you take a bite.



Our pork is British Quality Assured Pork (B.Q.A.P). It is full of flavour, and comes with the perfect amount of crackling.



Our lamb comes from local farms who care about their livestock. The lamb is packed with flavour, whether cooked rare or well done.



Our poultry is from Diaper Poultry which and they have their own farm, factory and distribution centre in Stowmarket, Suffolk. Diaper have never sold to supermarkets and have always supplied top quality poultry.